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By Michael Bond


Lutec 1000

The newspaper headline read ‘WORLD FIRST’ and the story stunned me. In 2001 I was researching in the Australian city of Cairns in North Queensland, when I was handed a copy of the Cairns Post newspaper dated Wednesday, 7 March 2001. Two Australian inventors living in Cairns had designed and built an electricity generating machine they called the Lutec 1000. It uses no fuel and creates no emissions, yet it produces more power than is needed to run a modern house. What’s more, the device only costs a few thousand dollars to build, so everybody could afford one if they had no longer had power bills to pay.

The inventors only lived a couple of suburbs from where I was staying in Cairns, so I contacted them. Their names are John Christie and Lou Brits. I had several conversations with John. He said that he expected the machine to be in commercial production by late 2002, and that it would retail for about AU$4,000 (about US$3,000).

The Lutec 1000 had attracted considerable attention, especially from overseas. The last time John and I spoke on the phone he said NASA had just visited him, but he suspected that some of the visiting group were really from other US Government agencies, because of the peculiar way they acted. After that conversation John and Lou moved to a secret location and I have not been able to contact them again by phone or email. I looked into their energy machine further and discovered even more startling information. Such a free energy machine had been invented in the last 100 years, not once – but at least 3 times.

Nicola Tesla   1900

In the early 1900’s a US immigrant called Nicola Tesla studied electricity without the constraints of modern dogma. He not only built a device that gave free electricity without fuel or emissions, but he also discovered a lot about sourcing free electricity from other natural sources. Little is widely known about Tesla, but he co-invented the radio with Marconi, and invented AC electricity amongst many other things.

Joseph Newman 1971

Next I was amazed to discover that in 1971 an American named Joseph Newman had applied Tesla type technology to build a device that produces free electricity. The US patents office denied him a patent. Since then until the present day Newman has been demonstrating his device around the US on public display trying to get a US patent. The device has been seen working by millions of US citizens, yet the US patent office appears to be in denial for some reason.

Why hasn’t the news about these electricity devices swept from one end of the Earth to the other overnight? Are world leaders serious about finding solutions to global problems? How many solutions to other global problems are being ignored also?

Have a look at the Newman Generator and Lutec 1000 websites!

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Michael Bond is a promoter of social and environmental reform. 
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